Where to stay? / Where to eat? / How to move through the city?

Where to stay?

Slavija hotel

Built by the state during the 60s and 70s for members of parliament from all parts of the former Socialist Yugoslavia, Hotel Slavija always had its doors open not only for party politicians from Yugoslavian provinces but also for all official visitors from abroad. That is the very reason this hotel has its characteristic seventies flair which matches its recognizable non-aligned-states charm.

Situated on one of the higher points in the central residential area, the 15-storey building makes it possible for guests to have a phantastic view over Belgrade that in some other countries would never be accessible to students, young researchers, and globetrotters. The hotel consists of three buildings: Slavija economy (a skyscraper with a beautiful view and budget-friendly prices), Slavija comfort (a 7-storey building with large rooms and cosy features) and Slavija Garni (a 3-star hotel with spa and massage facilities). These represent three pearls of Yugoslav architecture that are still largely undiscovered and therefore retain their authentic atmosphere.

From the hotel you will easily find your way to the University Library. Walking, it will take you around 15 minutes. Please check the directions on our map.

Where to eat?

Lunches during a conference are always a problem. However, having the conference in the city center, there are plenty of places where you can have a snack, enjoy proper lunch, or even try something new and exotic.

One possibility for a quick lunch is always to have a burek in one of many nearby bakeries (Pekara/Пекара). Börek (Farsi and Turkish) бурек (Serbian) or boureki (Greek: μπουρέκι or tsiropita τυρóπιτα) has many variations throughout the area of former Roman and Ottoman Empire. However, the best Serbian burek is considered to be made in cities of Niš and Belgrade. Therefore, if you had never had a burek experience before, we would suggest you try it at least once during your stay in Belgrade. Note that burek is judged on the quality of the dough (similar to pasta, the taste depends on how you prepare dough). If you are vegetarian or vegan, you can also enjoy this taste since it is baked using plant oils. (Use the map to help you find the nearest Bakeries/Пекара/Pekaras to the University Library)

If you are interested in national dishes and warm meals you should also visit one of the following restaurants near the University Library. The most traditional one is Orasac and the most authentic Lorenzo & Kakalamba. In most of these restaurants you can get meals for vegetarians and vegans.

We plan to organize a dinner on the second day of the conference. We expect the prices to be around 10-15 EUR per person but it will mostly depend on what you order. After the dinner there are many night clubs for those who are interested in conducting research into the field of Belgrade’s (every-)night life.

How to move through the city?

Public transport
In order to use public transport you will need to buy tickets in advance from almost every kiosk in the city. You can buy a paper (90 RSD) or plastic (250 RSD) “bus plus” card which you then fill at the kiosk by telling the kiosk salesperson how much credit you want to purchase. A single ticket (1.5 hours’ travel) costs 89 RSD (0.60 EUR).

Do not take any taxi on the street. Since the hotel is in the city center it is unlikely that the cost of a taxi ride will be more than 700 dinars (if you happen to be in the party district and you want to get to the hotel this will most probably be the price). If you are taking a cab from hotel to the library it should cost around 300 RSD (2.6 EUR).